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A series of lectures
As part of Entrepreneurship on the Bar 2021:

Fundable Milestones in the financing of a start-up company

The life cycle of a start-up company spans years, and often includes many rounds of funding, starting with angel investments, government support ("swing", incubator), raising rounds of seed capital and venture capital, and later, an IPO or merger.

Understanding the full picture will allow you, the entrepreneur, to conclude on the scope of the recruitment required now, from the calculation of the financial scope and financing methods of your startup in the future, and to plan in advance what amount you will need to raise throughout the life cycle of the company.

The lecture series "Fundable Milestones", as part of the Entrepreneurship at the Bar 2021 series, will focus on the milestones typical of the financing cycle of startup companies in various fields, and will present different and varied perspectives on the financing journey.

The project is held in collaboration with the US Embassy and Aumitech - banking for the high-tech industry.


Milestones in capital raising

  • Determining the financial milestones

  • Characteristics by domain

  • Estimating the required amount between financing rounds

  • Dealing with uncertainty

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Milestones in startup funding

  • Financial milestones in the first and advanced stages


  • The added value of investors, beyond money

  • How to determine the size of the round, the impact on the value of the company, and the meaning of the commercial terms in the investment

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Fundable Milestones,
the Angel Investor's point of view

The dirty little secret of technology startups is that many and perhaps most have not put together a capitalization strategy based on fundable milestones.  As a result many entrepreneurs find themselves with successful company exits but not personal ones.   This session is intended to highlight what those fundable milestones are and how a capitalization strategy can dramatically affect the founders' personal exits after years of hard effort.

The lecture in English Lecture in English *

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Fundable Milestones and Market Fit

  • Building a team that will allow recruitment

  • Determining  KPI and recruiting angels

  • Why SAFE?

  • Non Equity Funding

  • Fund raising and transition from pilot to sales

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Panel on:
Financing start-up companies - in the world of credit and equity


  • Timur Arbel Sedars - CEO of LEUMITECH

  • Yali Sa'ar - CEO and founder of Tailor Brands

  • Hila Obil Brenner - Director of TLV. Techstars

  • Guy Yamin - co-founder of TPY VC

  • Shay Moorg - CEO and co-founder of Ermetic


Design Partnership, like MVP but more

  • Identifying the appropriate DP (Design Partners).

  • Building and maintaining the relationship with the DP

  • Generating constructive and genuine feedback from the DP

  • Turning the DP into a paying customer while building a win-win system

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Fundable Milestones
the Angel Investor's point of view

Gwen Edwards, Angel Resource Institute, Golden Seeds Silicon Valley, Astia
Fireside Chat with emerging rock star CEO, Caitlyn Krebs,

co-founder Nalu Bio
+ Creating a new category and becoming a new disruptor
+ Connecting milestone achievement to funding rounds
+ The many challenges of raising capital, lessons learned
* Lecture in English The lecture is in English

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How did we become a unicorn?

Hadar Zeitlin, one of the founders of Hailo, a startup that develops chips for the field of AI for end devices, which became a unicorn last month.


Hadar is a graduate of the technology unit of the Intelligence Corps, with a bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics and an MBA from Kellogg Recanati.

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