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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

12- 19. 11 . 2023


For one week every November, thousands of events during Global Entrepreneurship Week encourage millions of people in 180 countries to take part in entrepreneurial activity.

The various activities of Entrepreneurship Week in Israel are organized by independent organizations that wish to celebrate their activity, raise ideas, dream, and influence.

Celebrate with us Global Entrepreneurship Week and let's collaborate to shape the future



1. Download our official media kit and include the Entrepreneurship Week logo in the invitation image for the event.

2. Add the event/events to the events calendar.

3. Your event will be presented and revealed on the main board of all Entrepreneurship Week 2023 events.

4. Upload photos from the event and tag them on social media.

You are invited to tag on social media: #שבועהיזמות,  #GEW2023


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Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN - Global Entrepreneurship Network) is an annual platform of programs and initiatives created by entrepreneurial communities, professional experts, and investors from all over the world.  

The first entrepreneurship week was held 15 years ago and is held every year almost all over the world, with tens of thousands of partners, including governments, cities, public and private organizations, entrepreneurs, professional experts, investors, and students. In recent years, the activity has expanded from an entrepreneurship week to the whole month, and it includes local and international meetings.

In Israel, Entrepreneurship Week enjoys wide recognition. The IDF and the Ministry of Education have already held their innovation conferences twice during Entrepreneurship Week. The Innovation Authority, municipalities, universities, entrepreneurship centers, entrepreneurship, and innovation bodies including Maof;  Taasiyeda, also joined in their own activities.

In addition to the rich activity in the center, the entrepreneurship network also places emphasis on activities in the social periphery, including a focus on girls and women, all of these in collaboration with other associations and many volunteers, hand in hand with relevant sponsors.

Entrepreneurship Week was created to encourage young people to examine the entrepreneurial path as a way of personal and social development. Last year, the project united nearly 10 million people in about 200 countries in a celebration of entrepreneurship and self-fulfillment. Entrepreneurship Week invites women and men all over the world to incorporate innovation and creativity into their lives and inspires them to think and turn ideas into reality and make a mark.

How it all began?

"Entrepreneurship Week" was born in England under the title "Make your Mark". This initiative was developed by the Kauffman Foundation, with the intention of encouraging entrepreneurship and presenting to young people from all over the world the entrepreneurial option as a key to economic independence and social upgrading.

In 2009, in the second year of the project, the prime minister mentioned the initiative at the cabinet meeting that took place on the first day of Entrepreneurship Week, and last year the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology greeted the project at the opening ceremony of the entrepreneurship week held at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

And this year... added a technology-focused game to solve major global problems, inspired by a New Zealand government project.

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