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The Femtech Landscape

Alison Arnold, Projects Manager

Ayla Matalon, Chairperson


Throughout history, females have not been accurately represented in clinical trials,

leading to major gaps in women's health data,

continued taboo around subjects such as

women's sexuality and menstruation,

and inaccurate treatment of diseases. In fact,

women's health only accounts for 4% of overall

funding for research and development of

healthcare products and services. with only 6%

of decision makers in US VC firms being female,

one can see why it has been so difficult to receive

proper attention and funding for women's issues. 

Femtech, coined by Ida Tin in 2016, is where women's well-being and technology meet, and where the data gaps and issues are being addressed head on. Femtech is classified as any technological company or innovation that aims to address female health needs, including reproductive health, pelvic and uterine care, pregnancy & nursing care and general wellness, among others. It is estimated to reach a market value of USD $50 billion by 2025 (Frost and Sullivan)

and is making way for female-led innovation,

entrepreneurship and investments. 

Approximately $2 billion worth of investments

have gone into Femtech since 2015,

and continues to rise each year. 

Two of the largest funding events included

China-based BabyTree (pregnancy and

parenting platform, $450mm including a 2018 IPO),

and Elvie (women's health technology

and products, $42mm). 

Frost & Sullivan estimate of growth opportunities in

the global Femtech market forecast for 2024 is

$9.4 Billion. With the positive trends in this market,

there is more space for female tech innovation and

entrepreneurship, as well as female lead investments.

There are now more venture capital firms that are

dedicated to helping female run companies, or

companies addressing female issues.

It is worth noting that 21% of all female-founded

tech companies are weighted towards healthcare,

according to a 2017 Crunchbase survey, with many

of them developing an interest in Femtech.

However, looking at the wider picture of women

entrepreneurs we find that in Israel their share in

the general entrepreneurial community is as

as low as 7%

IVCResearch Centerestimates that as of March 2020

there are over 100 Israeli companies in women's health,

several of which are leaders in their respective fields.

The tagging of the companies was carried out in cooperation with the EFI Enterprise Forum of Israel.

The EFI Forum recognizes the potential Femtech has to improve women's health and well-being in Israel and across the world, as part of the general trend of providing more opportunities to female entrepreneurs and investors, and will actively support this trend._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


​GEN IL &  EFI Israel celebrates International Women's day 2020: The Femtech Landscape


Image from  report by IATI -  Israel Advanced Technology Industries 
Source: Healthcare Growth Partners (HGP)
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