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The opening event of Entrepreneurship Week 2020
The launch of trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

First-rate lecturers:

  • Jonathan Schreier - Deputy US Ambassador to Israel

  • Anat Iron  - Investor Relations Manager at the Stock Exchange

  • Ella Matlon - Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Israel

  • Julia Ho - Lark Health, one of the leading entrepreneurs in the USA

  • Gwen Edwards - Chair of the Angel Investor Resource Institute, Silicon Valley

  • Shani Toledano - founder and CEO of HT BioImaging

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How do you identify the peak point of your company and know when it is right to sell? Ainab Adib-Berer

  • How do you analyze the market, the company and the business reality and recognize that the company is at its peak?

  • How do you cut off the emotions and know when is the right time to sell the company?

  • How do you choose your travel partners correctly?

  • How do you know when to say "no" even when an attractive investment proposal is on the table?

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Wants to say does - Ravital Witelzon Jacobs

  • How do you turn a mother with five children and a promising career in retail into an influencer and one of the most successful stand-up comedians in Israel?

  • How, despite the corona, I didn't collapse financially?

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Manage an Ego with Illit Geller, Chief Business Development Officer, Capitolis

  • Ego, where it comes from

  • Dealing with ego

  • The difficulty of removing it and

  • Accepting ego

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Femtech from an Angel perspective by Mitzi Krockover

  • What is woman's health

  • What are the needs and gaps

  • What is femtech/what is the current environment

  • Impact of geography, culture, health system

  • Effects of COVID

  • What does an investor look for in a company

Mitzi Krockover.jpg

Entrepreneurship, personal growth, conflicts and support circles - Yael Korov

  • Mentors, investors, fellow entrepreneurs: who can I talk to?

  • The board: ideal, and in real life

  • Managing expectations and disagreements with those more experienced than me

  • And where am I in all this?

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Shut-down OR down-round? by Keren Leshem


  • Exhausted and distrusting BOD

  • No cash left

  • Founder & CMO left the company

  • Team distressed & lost faith

  • Sales decline over the course of 3 years (from $3M to $1M)

  • No advancement in pipeline product (clinical study doesn't lift off)

  • ~$400K monthly burn rate, 27 employees, sales orders in pipeline, bank not willing to give loan

  • No (actual) plan in site

  • COVID-19

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On Tap
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From Acre to Stockholm, how does a young Israeli entrepreneur reach an IPO in Sweden?
Ina Braverman

  • How does a young Israeli girl from Acre manage to issue a company in Sweden? 

  • How do you make investors and executives around the world believe in you even without previous experience?

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Strategy versus flexibility - Shani Toledano

  • Decision points and the decision tree of the start-up

  • Bootstrap: how to start from scratch, and recruit a committed and professional team

  • Choosing a partner who has been there, done that, for a quick take-off

  • Troubles of the Rich: A Technology Platform 

  • The veterinary track, compromise creates space

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Pivot, acquisition: Neutrino finds its way to success - Yael Glassman

  • Why is excellent technology, which even works, not enough?

  • How did we position Nutrino for the diabetes market?

  • And how is all this related to mission driven companies?

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 How does a venture capitalist make an investment decision?

Renana Ashkenazi, director of the investment team at the venture capital fund Grove Ventures Panel of female entrepreneurs from the field of medical devices: Prof. Dafna Ben Bashat and Tamar Ish Kasit

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How do you build a personal brand even if you don't have networking? - Iris Shor

  • How do you create a blog / podcast / Facebook community from scratch?

  • How do you build yourself as a brand even when you don't have a unique specialty? 

  • How do you find your unique voice and produce content products around it?

  • How do you create a relevant networking community around the content products?

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what is your story Building a personal brand story in a digital age - Shani Hadad

  • How do you build a digital image that will represent you with respect? 

  • How will you bring who you are to the attention of employers/customers? 

  • How will Storytelling attract interesting business opportunities to you?

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LinkedIn as the leading arena for startup branding - Tahya Ben Tzur

  • How do you create a relevant community on LinkedIn?

  • How do you emphasize the professional differentiation of the project?

  • How do you build an action strategy on LinkedIn?

  • What are the great advantages of LinkedIn that no other network has?

  • How are the company's employees used as a branding asset?

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Secrets and myths in my entrepreneurial world

  • Stories of a serial entrepreneur and mentor

  • About "Textars" Tel Aviv

  • "Entrepreneurship" organization

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How did I become an entrepreneur?

  • The courage to dare to try even in the absence of backup

  • The successful decisions and also the less so

  • The urge to succeed and fulfill as an engine in moments of despair

    Tami Ben David - founder and CEO of "Tami Flour"

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Hydrogen - the fuel of the future

Gil Shavit, founder and CEO of the "GenCell" company for electricity backup and energy storage solutions with the help of distributed hydrogen electricity storage systems.

"GenCell" develops and sells electrical backup systems with an incomparable level of reliability, which also has an ecological advantage.

Gil Shavit has been an entrepreneur for about 20 years and has a degree in electrical and electronics engineering.

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Pivot - we ran into a wall

Pivot - challenges, listening to the market, flexibility and decision making.

Fadi Karkavi - entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer at the company ""

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Are you afraid of change? Who is not afraid?

How the changes imposed on us make us feel, behave and whether we are
Ready to adopt them?

Yigal Rotam - CEO of the fintech group "Credorax", a serial technological entrepreneur

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Routing stem cells to treat life-threatening diseases

From the high school that "kicked" me to managing a biotech company from the world of science fiction.

Dr. Yael Porat, founder and CEO  "Bio-GenCell"

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