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 International Women's Day lecture series

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Monday, March 8, 8:21 p.m

Renana Ashkenazi, Manager at Keren Grove

Dictionary of concepts in the entrepreneur-investor dialogue​


What does the due diligence process look like in the fund? Why should you pay attention to the term sheet, and what happens in the time between signing it and signing the final agreement between the fund and the company? What is the difference between preferred shares and ordinary shares and why is it important? What is SAFE, why are the structure of the Cap table and the amount of ESOP so important to investors? What are entrepreneurs afraid of? What are investors afraid of? When a high company value may stand up to us, what does the value of the company mean at the time of investment and what are the consequences of Down Round for entrepreneurs, old investors and new investors?



Monday, March 1, 20:21

Ella Alkalai,IBI Investments, the women's lobby

Invest in yourself: what should you invest in, and what is the importance of social investment?

(ESG Environmental Social Governance)



Monday, March 22, 8:21 p.m

Yael Nebat,An expert in the field of financial management


Advantages of a matter-of-fact and goal-oriented messiah over money

Why does a dialogue about money reduce and cause tension?

Habits and emotions, influence of education and environment



Monday, March 15, 20:21

Iris Regev Dagan,Project manager in the global entrepreneurship network

God is in the details: Informed reading of financial agreements: Our pension and life and health insurance

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