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How do you identify the peak point of your company and know when it is right to sell? Ainab Adib-Berer

  • How do you analyze the market, the company and the business reality and recognize that the company is at its peak?

  • How do you cut off the emotions and know when is the right time to sell the company?

  • How do you choose your travel partners correctly?

  • How do you know when to say "no" even when an attractive investment proposal is on the table?

Einav Adib Barr.png

Wants to say does - Ravital Witelzon Jacobs

  • How do you turn a mother with five children and a promising career in retail into an influencer and one of the most successful stand-up comedians in Israel?

  • How despite the koruna didn't I collapse financially?

Ravital Witelzon Jacobs.png

Manage an Ego with Illit Geller, Chief Business Development Officer, Capitolis

  • Ego, where it comes from,

  • Dealing with ego

  • The difficulty of removing it and

  • Accepting ego

Illit Geller.jpg

Femtech from an Angel perspective by Mitzi Krockover

  • What is woman's health

  • What are the needs and gaps

  • What is femtech/what is the current environment

  • Impact of geography, culture, health system

  • Effects of COVID

  • What does an investor look for in a company

Mitzi Krockover.jpg

Entrepreneurship, personal growth, conflicts and support circles - Yael Korov

  • Mentors, investors, fellow entrepreneurs: who can you talk to?

  • The board: ideal, and in real life

  • Managing expectations and disagreements with those more experienced than me

  • And where am I in all this?

Yael Krov.png

Shut-down OR down-round? by Keren Leshem


  • Exhausted and distrusting BOD

  • No cash left

  • Founder & CMO left the company

  • Team distressed & lost faith

  • Sales decline over the course of 3 years (from $3M to $1M)

  • No advancement in pipeline product (clinical study doesn't lift off)

  • ~$400K monthly burn rate, 27 employees, sales orders in pipeline, bank not willing to give loan

  • No (actual) plan in site

  • COVID-19

Keren Leshem.jpg

From Acre to Stockholm, how does a young Israeli entrepreneur reach an IPO in Sweden?
Ina Braverman

  • How does a young Israeli girl from Acre manage to issue a company in Sweden? 

  • How do you make investors and executives around the world believe in you even without previous experience?

Ina Braverman.png

Strategy versus flexibility - Shani Toledano

  • Decision points and the decision tree of the start-up

  • Bootstrap: how to start from scratch, and recruit a committed and professional team

  • Choosing a partner who has been there, done that, for a quick take-off

  • Troubles of the Rich: A Technology Platform 

  • The veterinary track, compromise creates space

Shani Toledano.png

Pivot, acquisition: Neutrino finds its way to success - Yael Glassman

  • Why is excellent technology, which even works, not enough?

  • How did we position Nutrino for the diabetes market?

  • And how is all this related to mission driven companies?

Yael Glassman (1).jpg

 How does a venture capitalist make an investment decision?

Renana Ashkenazi, director of the investment team at the Grove Ventures venture capital fund hosts 3 female startups 

Renana Ashkenazi.png

How do you build a personal brand even if you don't have networking? - Iris Shor

  • How do you create a blog / podcast / Facebook community from scratch?

  • How do you build yourself as a brand even when you don't have a unique specialty? 

  • How do you find your unique voice and produce content products around it?

  • How do you create a relevant networking community around the content products?

Iris Shor.png

what is your story Building a personal brand story in a digital age - Shani Hadad

  • How do you build a digital image that will represent you with respect? 

  • How will you bring who you are to the attention of employers/customers? 

  • How will Storytelling attract interesting business opportunities to you?

Shani Haddad.png

LinkedIn as the leading arena for startup branding - Tahya Ben Tzur

  • How do you create a relevant community on LinkedIn?

  • How do you emphasize the professional differentiation of the project?

  • How do you build an action strategy on LinkedIn?

  • What are the great advantages of LinkedIn that no other network has?

  • How are the company's employees used as a branding asset?

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Secrets and myths in my entrepreneurial world

  • Stories of a serial entrepreneur and mentor

  • About Textars Tel Aviv

  • "Entrepreneurship" organization

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