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Innovative development to detect cancer using heat waves

  • From idea to first prototype

  • Establishing a company, choosing partners and a management team

  • Products for humans and pets

  • raising money

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The autonomous vehicle revolution is reaching the world of heavy industrial equipment

For years we have been hearing that soon we will all be driving an autonomous vehicle.

In practice it will probably take many more years.

On the other hand, heavy industrial tools, such as trucks, excavators and autonomous cranes
already here.

Why is this and what can be learned as entrepreneurs?

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Enlighten the world - work as an opportunity for social change

  • Make work meaningful (not working in electricity - but lighting up lives)

  • Every type of work for me is an opportunity for social change

  • to change social habits and previous opinions

  • Messages through actions and not slogans

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What is product management and why can't an enterprise exist without product management?

  • What is a product?

  • How do you check if an idea is good for a project?

  • What do product managers do?

  • Main concepts such as: MVP, Agile, User Story, UX/UI

  • What is required of a product manager?

  • Intuition versus data in product management

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The quiet and the challenge in a digital agency that grows without external investors

  • The great fun and excitement of being a bootstrap entrepreneur

  • Why agenda, vision and culture are also important in a digital agency and not only in a startup

  • How to strengthen and maintain long-term partnerships (very!)

  • Income that depends on sales as a leading motivational tool

  • Why retainers are good for a company and how they threaten its existence

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