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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

Every November, thousands of events during Global Entrepreneurship Week encourage millions of people all over the world to participate in a wide array of activities.

In Israel, Global Entrepreneurship Week is held by many independent organizations that wish to celebrate and encourage the local entrepreneurial drive. We bring together young entrepreneurs, experienced founders, investors and government agencies over the course of one activity-packed week. The result? Exciting new ideas and partnerships, bold ventures, and funding to take the next steps.

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GEN Israel

Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Israel is the local chapter of a platform of projects taking place in more than 200 countries. GEN Israel strives to close the entrepreneurial gap between peripheral communities and Israel’s startup-nation. In doing so, our goal is to drive inclusive economic growth by accelerating innovation on micro and macro scales alike. 

Tel Aviv climbed two positions, to #5, in Startup Genome's Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2023


A meeting with Israel's Tech Entrepreneurship culture



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GEN Israel has set the goal of assisting entrepreneurs in their long, continuous journey of difficulties and bumps. 

Help us to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they lack, accompany them on their business path and form a bridge between imagination and reality.

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